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    Mother’s day is just around the corner. This can be a great opportunity for a social event in your school that can bring in more kids and also new students.

    It is also very important to create stronger ties between the school and the students. We are also trying to bring students, parents and the entire school together in order to strengthen our family environment.

    Everybody likes to feel important and be valued therefore our GB schools should always be looking for effective ways to interact with students in order to create a stronger relationship.

    Excited? Then let’s make it happen.

    What your will find at Mother’s Day Package: 

    • Facebook Advertising Banner
    • Instagram Banner
    • A4 Poster 
    • Flyer
    • Website Banner

    For more informations about this campaign go to vhq.graciebarra.com 

  • GB MOTHER'S DAY 2018
  • GB MOTHER'S DAY 2018
  • GB MOTHER'S DAY 2018

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